F5 Networks


F5 Networks is a US company based in Seatle has an international dimension with offices in France and the rest of the world.
F5 Networks provides load balancing systems to ensure the availability of information systems, ensure scalability, performance and security of IT systems.


BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager

Application Traffic Management system offering the smartest and most scalable solution to secure, optimize and deliver applications.

available options

HTTP compression: Improves performance
Fast Cache: HTTP cache discharge web servers
Rate Shaping: Bandwidth Reservation
SSL Acceleration (hardware): Optimizes SSL transactions
Client Authentication: LDAP, TACACS, Radius, OCSP
Dynamic Routing: RIP v1, RIPv2, BGP, OSPF

additional modules

Link Controller module redundancy links
Global Traffic Manager Module: high availability and load balancing for data centers
Application Security Module: protection of critical applications web
Web Accelerator module optimizes web traffic (3x – 10x)

F5 offers a virtual version of BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager (LTM)

F5 announced the availability of a virtual appliance version of its BIG-IP LTM, downloadable from the http://www.f5.com/trial/ site. This limited version can be tested simply features high-availability, iRules scripting language and iControl interface (API) and to better describe the contributions of the application controller (ADC) in the application environment.

Global Application Traffic Management (on the WAN).
balancing solution clever geographic load and high availability for applications deployed across multiple data centers.

• Reduces the complexity of managing multiple data centers
• Management and Interaction with SOA applications
• Centralized management for risk reduction (DNS error)
Ensures the implementation of the PRA / BCP (disaster recovery / business continuity)


BIG-IP Link Controller

ISP Link Connectivity.
Solution providing redundancy or internet links wan (detailed management of incoming and outgoing)
• Reduced ISP Invoice (compression)
• Reduced cost of installation and maintenance of multi-homing
• Manage Inbound bandwidth for critical applications



Big-IP Application Security Manager Appliance

Complement traditional firewall to protect Web servers
• Protects against attacks targeting application vulnerabilities
• Analysis, evaluates the session, the user traffic and the response of the Web application to contain unknown attacks
• Adopt a positive security model




SSL VPN Secure Remote Access.
complete SSL VPN solution over the Web for remote access to enterprise applications regardless of access type, network of device and OS.

• Granularity of access (according to the rights and safety of the client workstation)
• Native support all types of applications (web or dynamic ports)
• Market rules Graphic Editor via the 4100 Series Appliance Visual Policy Editor
• Secure Virtual Desktop (and virtual keyboard)


Web Accelerator

Web Application Acceleration. Improves the performance of web portals and applications by optimizing and accelerating the flow http and https (200% performance gains to 500%).
• Reduces the response time to users
• It reduces download time and bandwidth requirements
Increases server capacity