From idea to action, Gemalto intelligently protect information throughout its cycle


Why Gemalto?

Gemalto is the world leader in information security, data protection
stored, mobile and in use and offers an extremely wide range of solutions
of security.
Gemalto protects sensitive data, communications, transactions
financial and digital identities of the company through a variety of technologies
encryption and software license management.


That offers Gemalto?

Gemalto, a key player in the information security, present an offer “best of breed”
in the following areas:

· Encryption of sensitive databases / information Anonymisation
Confidential (PCI-DSS compliant FIPS & CC) (DataSecure)
· Hardware security modules (HSM) to protect your core infrastructure
confidence (FIPS Compliant & CC)
· Strong User Authentication & services to nomadic (FIPS Compliant & CC
eToken and Gemalto Authentication Service (SAS))

Gemalto constantly protects information at critical points in the life cycle, allowing
customers to adapt to changes and act accordingly.

Gemalto and Cloud

Gemalto, a member of the Cloud Security Alliance, offers centralized solutions tailored to
so will protect enhanced data in the cloud throughout their distribution, while
supporting SaaS developments -from the private cloud, hybrid cloud to the public.
Magic Quadrant for User Authentication
Gemalto Leader: