Intel Security


The acquisition of Secure Computing® and Reconnex Intel Security has created the largest company dedicated to world security to the network. Thousand people are dedicated to your success and the range of products evaluated as the most comprehensive and the best of the market for sécuritéinformatique. Products acquired by Intel Security has been recognized by Gartner and other analysts as leaders in the following product categories: Web, e-Mail, Firewall and DLP.
These acquisitions integrated into the existing range of products offer a higher value, and makes Intel Security the undisputed market leader. Intel Security is the new dessolutions global leader in network security. Its products and services award winning offer proactive protection for networks, applications, users and customer data against threats and current and emerging attacks. In addition, the full range of network security solutions offer unmatched protection at a significantly lower cost. Experience and proven vision of Intel Security and guarantee the security of the infrastructure and customer investments, today and tomorrow.

About Intel Security

Intel Security, headquartered in Santa Clara, California, is the largest company in the world dedicated to computer security. Intel Security is committed to meeting the major challenges of security. This company provides solutions and services, dynamic and proven to secure systems and networks around the world, to protect the browsing and shopping on the Web. Supported by a team of specially trained researchers, Intel Security creates innovative products that allow individuals, companies, governments and service providers to comply with regulations, protect data, prevent disruptions, identify vulnerabilities and monitor permanent security. For a complete securing your corporate network

Intel Security protection range

Secure email and web environment
Data protection
Security as a Service
Security mobile environments
Network Security
Risk Management and Compliance
Platform security management / ePO – Securing Systems
Virtualization Security