Kaspersky Lab is an international provider of information systems security solutions in 30 countries and employing over 2500 people.

Today over 250,000 companies use Kaspersky Lab to secure their information systems.
We offer our customers a comprehensive set of IT security solutions by combining advanced protection against malware, flexible tools device control, Internet access, encryption technology and systems management tools ( patch management, license management …).
Our unique approach to integrated design allows you to secure and control all of your physical, virtual and mobile devices from a single management console, and regardless of the size of your infrastructure.

Kaspersky technology is used by leading IT manufacturers and publishers airborne in their solutions and services. Kaspersky products are designed so that the administrator can view and centrally manage all devices requiring protection: virtual machines, physical and mobile devices.

Kaspersky Lab is the only vendor of security have made the choice to develop its console, its modules and its security tools internally rather than making the acquisition from third parties. The same programmers have developed from the same source code, technologies that communicate and work together to benefit you in the end for increased stability, integrated policies, with a total interaction between the functions and tools integrated and intuitive report. We offer all Kaspersky tools in the form of a single “package” installation, in which the customer chooses the bricks of interest.

Each version and includes a set of features that you select when you need them.

Kaspersky Security for Business provides a solution that meets your business needs, whether you seek to protect and control your terminals (workstations to smartphones and virtual machines), to protect your servers and gateways or to remotely manage the your entire IT security environment.
Kaspersky is based on a full range of solutions, encryption, management of mobile devices through patch management and license inventories. Backed by the Kaspersky Security Network cloud, they interact seamlessly to offer our customers the full protection they need to cope with ever more numerous and sophisticated cyber threats.
In summary, we propose the first market security platform, developed in-house from A to Z, to help IT administrators to monitor, manage and protect their environment with ease.