WebTrends is the standard of website audiences measurement products through efficient mechanisms newspapers analysis activities or use markers or tags pages. Since 1993, WebTrends offers Visitor Relationship Management solutions and Business Intelligence for web servers that are dedicated to internet sites, intranets and extranets.

Having created this new market, WebTrends has an edge over competitors and can therefore claim to be the market leading company in this area through a range of solutions for all the problems of companies.

Furthermore audience measurement, WebTrends 8 through its various packs functionality improves the ROI of e-business projects.


Analysis and boosting your marketing activity
Real keystone of WebTrends Marketing Lab, WebTrends Analytics 8 software product in a wink a range of indicators. His mission: to ensure total control of your marketing campaigns, optimize your online interactions and continuously improve your results. The account general performance pointy multidimensional queries, this award-winning solution is the foundation of a reliable decision.


WebTrends Marketing Warehouse


Strategic management solution segments
With its large-scale data warehouse, WebTrends Marketing Warehouse is a continuation of WebTrends Analytics 8. The combination of these two products form the WebTrends Marketing Lab, an analytical solution extremely powerful and friendly, able to analyze in its every detail the interaction between your customers and your website. WebTrends Marketing Warehouse module allows extensive research on your data in real time, a prelude to a super sharp segmentation identifi ed public. Result: a pinpoint targeting email campaigns, online advertising and other direct promotional activities.




WebTrends: for precise and actionable analysis

WebTrends Marketing Lab ™:
This package signed WebTrends Marketing knows how to combine the art and science of the Web. The WebTrends Marketing Lab family continues to expand to allow you to conduct your business on the Internet with confidence.




WebTrends Analytics ™ 8:

WebTrends Analytics 8 is the keystone of the range WebTrends. This new version has been quick to emerge as a worthy successor to WebTrends 7, an award-winning solution for the correctness and timeliness of its analyzes to support results.

WebTrends Marketing Warehouse ™:

WebTrends Marketing Warehouse to know mine of information collected on your website serving a relationship marketing “one to one“. With its data warehouse to large capacity, this innovative solution is a continuation of WebTrends Analytics 8 pushing the granularity of data at the individual level. This gives you an ultra-precise targeting.